“the air was soft, the stars so fine, the promise of every cobbled alley so great”.

Jack Kerouac


San Francisco was bright, sunny, and warm, with a cool breeze blowing in off the bay. We took the BART to the city. My first time on a subway train. And then we took a cable car to get closer to our destination – City Lights Book Store. As someone who finds so much pleasure in hanging out anywhere in the company of books, visiting City Lights is right up there with my best book afternoons. So many books. Such a short afternoon. Such a small carryon bag.

The Cable Car and City Lights Books

I could have bought out the store, but since I’m flying home, I decided on just a couple of books written by people my son went to college with; how amazing is that?

I always like to promote new authors here on Beans Berries and Books, so here are the books I bought, in case you would like to check out the books and the authors for yourself.


I’ve started Song Book and I’ll give each of them a review on Goodreads if you are interested. You can also join me on Goodreads and follow other books that I’m reading if you like.

After visiting me on Goodreads you also might like to get to know these two, young, up- and-coming authors better. You can read about Sam Allingham here and you can read about Rosalie Knecht here. Happy reading!

After our bookstore trip, we walked a few blocks to the San Francisco Palace Hotel where my son and his new bride hosted drinks for their friends a few weeks ago for their wedding. He wanted to show me this beautiful hotel, and we sat in the Garden Court, and had afternoon “tea”. Those drinks have tea in them, but they also have something a little stronger. We also had crab sliders, which were absolutely delicious, and some yummy little sandwiches with melted cheese and pastrami between their toasted bread layers. The picture of the sky-lighted ceiling really doesn’t do it justice. It flooded the area with natural light. I enjoyed spending time with my son, but missed my new daughter-in-law as she had to work today.

I return to Ohio on Thursday, so only a few more days of enjoying San Francisco and all its wonderful sunshine. I hear it’s cold and rainy in Ohio. Tomorrow I have lunch with my son’s new mother-in-law, and get to enjoy another trip to the city.

Rudyard Kipling said: “San Francisco has only one drawback, ’tis hard to leave.” How true this is, how true.