Wintery Mix

Early Morning Tea

February is my birth month. It is also the month in which my Dad left this plane of existence. It is the month that my youngest granddaughter arrived Рa month early Рtiny and fighting like a little prizefighter. She just turned 8. February is a month of colds and flu and wishing for spring. Everyone I run in to seems to be wishing for warmer weather, and their gardens, and their front porch or yard. And everyone seems to be fighting some sort of sickness. And we all complain about how grey it is.

I have started to make a tea to keep myself well. Three weeks ago, I came home from work sick, feverish, and achey. I thought for sure I was going down with something. Then I read about using fresh ginger, lemon, and honey to make a tea (more of a tonic for the winter blahs). I dragged myself to my local grocery store, bought some fresh ginger, a bag of lemons and some local honey. I went home and made tea, sat on the couch with my faithful feline companion, and remarkably got better – in less than 48 hours.

I tell everyone I meet about this tea. Some take my advice, others prefer to fill their systems with cold medicine from the pharmacy counter. But I have stayed well in the face of a lot of sickness among friends, family, and co-workers, and I’ve done it without any medicine. There is not too much better than nature.

Speaking of that – believe it or not, it will soon be warm enough to garden again. In early January we still had not really had very much cold weather and I was able to pick some hardy herbs (rosemary and thyme) from my herb garden. They have flavored several batches of roasted vegetables and a soup or two. It was such a treat to have their fresh taste in the winter. I have wanted to build a cold frame for my herbs for a while now, so I can have them all year long. This is the year for that. Stay tuned.

I’m building three more raised bed gardens this year, two for flowers and one for vegetables. I’m increasing the size of my herb garden too. I’ll post pictures when I have them ready. I know it seems early to start thinking about all of that, but blame the 65+ degree weather we had this weekend. I know it’s not good that it’s this warm in February, but it was lovely to see the sun and run around in only a sweater and scarf all weekend.

Have a wonderful Tuesday – AND – drink tea!


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