A Dreamer of Dreams


Goal setting has been on my mind lately. I make lists of goals and revise and make new lists. I do this all year long, and the other day as I was writing the date, I realized it’s July already. Surprisingly.

One goal I set for myself at the beginning of this year was to begin a blog. I want this blog to serve as a conversation with other boomer women (maybe men too) who are interested in things like growing their own food, cooking better meals (with a focus on cooking for one person), and living more simply and minimally.

Connecting with other Boomers, who may be living alone for the first time in their adult lives, especially women, is what I hope to do here. One of the biggest challenge I have faced is learning to cook and shop. That has been a challenge. I will point you in the direction of some great cooks and cookbooks and other blogs that I’ve fallen in love with on my journey to cooking for one (oh that’s the book part of the title).

In addition to cooking for just myself, living peacefully on this earth and making as little impact as possible is important to me, so home cooking using local food, and eating low on food chain are all important to me.

Growing my own food and buying local food, (that’s the beans and berries part of the title) is part of my effort to live more peacefully. I’ll write about local food and using in season food in recipes as well as take a few trips to local farmer’s markets. Certainly, you’ll get to see our local market.

Finally, living simply and minimally is essential to my peace and happiness. I’ll write quite a bit about my journey to a simplier life. It has been 10 years since I lived in my big house where I raised my three sons. Since then I’ve lived in lots of places, trying to find someplace that felt like home. In February of this year I moved to a small 950 sq. foot house with a huge yard. I hope to grow a huge garden here (a lot of preliminary work to do). Some people say the house is so small and the yard is too big, but to me it is all just perfect.

O.K. That’s enough of the preliminaries for now. I’m lookin forward to meeting you in the comments.




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